Better health for all

akt health was established to shape a future where everyone can benefit from life-changing advances in healthcare.

We see a world where health innovation is thriving, but where too often those most in need do not see the benefit.​

We want that to be different - building understanding and awareness, demonstrating value and igniting action.

That is what we offer. Communications that can be the difference between ‘a great idea’ and a life changed forever – helping enable better health for all. 

Our values


We believe passionately that better health is possible for everyone. We are inspired every day to think better in everything we do so we can deliver work that exceeds expectations and improves lives. Integral to this belief ensuring inclusivity though our work, so as many people as possible can benefit.


We always do the right thing, which is not always the expected or easiest thing to do, upholding the highest moral and ethical standards as we do it. We respect everyone’s ideas, diversity and ambitions, whether it’s our clients, colleagues or partners. We don’t shy away from challenges. We listen, we understand, and we always act with honesty and integrity.

Shared success

We want our team, our clients, and our partners to grow, thrive and succeed.
We go above and beyond to support individual success as much as we do the growth of our business.